Fishing Bivvies

Fishing Bivvies

WWe at Caveman Carp Gear have developed a range of high end fishing bivvies to suit the broad spectrum of requirements; Our Triceratops was developed using the latest in waterproof, windproof breathable fabrics. Similar products by the majoer brands cost upwards of £400.

Our Aerosaur bivvy is a large one man system incorporating ultra-strong aeronautical alloy poles and lightweight military grade fabrics. The Aerofast incorporates the same technology except with 2 ribs and smaller frame, and our brolly bivvy system has many innovative features.

Aerofast & Upstix Winter Skin

The extreme canopy for the Caveman Aerofast lightweight bivvy is designed to provide increased protection throughout the year, due to its light design it can remain in the side of the rod bag until required. If we were to place all lightweight bivvy systems in a boxing ring this would be the feather weight.


Aerofast Carp Bivvy

The Caveman Aerofast carp bivvy is the quickest bivvy to errect, in tests it took under 90 seconds to assemble. It is low profile super compact sytem yet extremely robust. The lightweight design makes it a great choice for the mobile angler. It is manufactured using our Aero aluminium poles and Storm Force fabric.

Aerosaur Carp Bivvy

The Caveman Aerosaur bivvy has got to be one of the quickest bivvies to assemble, in tests it took under 1.5 minutes. The lightweight design does not compromise on performance and is suitable for any season as it will withstand the rigours of the harshest weather. The frame is manufactured from our Aerograde aluminum poles. The fabric is our StormForce military grade fabric.

Aerosaur Winter Skin

The winter canopy for the Caveman Aerosaur carp bivvy was developed for extreme conditions and to provide an extra layer during cooler months or adverse weather conditions. It is an extremely lightweight overwrap that extends the bivvy living space.


Quickie Carp Brolly Bivvy

The ideal fishing brolly shelter for short session fishing. The Caveman Quicky is fabricated from an advanced material. It was designed for specialist anglers that require a versatile 60-inch large brolly system with additional protection from the elements. We have added storm pole side socket slots, quick release storm rod adaptors and extended side panels providing even greater protection from the elements.

Triceratops Breathable Carp Bivvy (Large 1 Man)

The caveman triceratops carp fishing bivvy was developed using a new technically advanced breathable StormTech fabric which takes bivvy development to a new level. In addition to this, the system has an innovative breathable inner layer that clips into the bivvy, heavy duty groundsheet, T pegs, front and rear mozzy net and clear side windows for maximum viewing area and ventilation.

Upstix Carp Fishing Bivvy

The Upstix is our lowest price fast erect carp fishing bivvy. It is amongst the lightest fishing bivvies on the market. It is ideal for those who like the mobile approach and wish to move swims quickly or those intending to travel ultra light.

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